Verdens ende

"The home of the popular lighthouse beacon"

Tourists have been coming to Verdens Ende (“The World’s End”) since the 1930s and the lighthouse beacon has become the symbol of Tjøme. Now the new visitor centre with its restaurant offers imposing views of the smoothly-polished rocks sloping down to the sea, and beyond them the islands and shipping lane. The area is good for swimming, hiking and fishing, and you can reach the outermost skerries via causeways and bridges. There is a BBQ area in the ruins of the old aquarium.

You may not use motor vehicles, camp in a tent, light fires outside the designated areas or ride and cycle off the existing roads/paths.

What do I find at Verdens Ende?


Gallery / Exhibitions


Visitor center

Bathing facilities

Harbor / Port

Shower and toilets

Hiking opportunities

Where is Verdens ende?