Education and research

The national park will educate people about nature and the environment, outdoor recreation and cultural history. Its materials and approaches should be flexible so they can be used in classrooms, at the visitor centre and out in the countryside. They should also meet the needs of all age groups, from nursery school to further education. Additional materials will be added in stages.

Outside at Verdens Ende, Moutmarka and the Bolærne islands, it should provide facilities to enable school teachers to educate their own pupils using materials prepared by the national park.

The national park will also offer courses and lectures to other groups such as politicians, staff at relevant government agencies, teachers, clubs, associations and the general public.

A number of scientific and voluntary groups monitor the park’s natural environment, including the Institute of Marine Research, which is involved in a major project to help the coastal cod population in the area to recover. It is currently considered a threatened species in the outer Oslofjorden and several other places along the coast.

Photo: Jørgen Kirsebom