Take your knowledge one step further at the Visitor Centre!

Visitor Center Færder National Park will inform and create engagement and activity around the national park. We do this through events, nature guides for kindergartens and schools, lending activity bags with field equipment, guided tours and exhibitions. In addition, the visitor center is a meeting point for research and management. Children as well as adults can have an educational and fun all-day experience together in grand nature. You will find us at the southern tip of Tjøme, Verdens Ende. Welcome!

The Visitor Center was opened by H.M. Queen Sonja on June 27, 2015 and stands in the same place as the old restaurant at the End of the World. Tjøme municipality was responsible for the construction according to drawings by architectural firm Ola Roald AS. The pebble facade of the original restaurant from 1932 has been preserved, and added with new and exciting elements such as the “Færder axis” and the roundabout with compass rose on the top floor.

Opening hours

June 17 –  August 22: Mon – Sun 11 AM – 17 PM 

Other opening hours for winter holidays, Easter holidays and autumn holidays. School classes and groups are accepted regardless of opening hours.

Ticket prices

Due to the corona-situation there is no entrance fee.


At the visitor center Færder National Park, young and old are welcome to learn more about Færder National Park and the ocean life through exhibtitions and outdoor natureguiding. All to the spectacular view of the End of the World.


The visitor center offers free tuition in the subjects of nature and the environment, outdoor life and cultural history. We have programs for children in kindergarten and pupils up to and including high school. The teaching is rooted in framework and curricula and is based on play and activities both at the center and in the field.

Could this be something for your class? Contact nature supervisor Cecilie Notø at cecilie@ferdernasjonalparksenter.no.

Here is our mascot Pelle Strand out and orientates himself in nature.
Pelle Strand is made of marine garbage by the artists Kari Prestgaard and Astor Andersen

Photo: Prestgaard / Andersen


Rental and seminars

From our 360 ° panoramic room there are views of the iconic Tippo Lighthouse & Færder Lighthouse, the spectacular archipelago and the unique landscape of the national park. This provides a good framework for a successful conference, seminar or other type of rental such as anniversaries, weddings and weddings.

“Spiseriet Verdens Ende” restaurant is located in the same building and serves short cooked and seasonal meals from its kitchen.

More info by email: heidi@ferdernasjonalparksenter.no or mobile +45 970 22 441.

Guided tours

In the summer, we arrange guided tours in the area around the visitor center with our local well-known nature experts / national park hosts. They can also be rented for private tours. More information about this can be found on our facebook page. Here illustrated with our mascot Pelle Strand.

The creators of our mascot, Pelle Strand are artists Kari Prestgaard and Astor Andersen. The materials used to build Pelle are marine garbag collected from the area.

See all national park hosts


Tickets for the exhibition “On the Edge of the Sea” are purchased in the shop at the reception. Here you can also buy literature, local products in wool and wood, postcards and profile products. Here you can also sign up for nature walks and organized activities and offers.

Our friendly staff will be happy to help!

Organisational structure

Færder National Park Center is organized as an inter-municipal company

Management/Governing bodies

General Manager: Bente Molvig
Nature guide: Cecilie Notø
Project Manager, Course and Conference: Heidi Karoline Storm


The Board of the visitor centre:

Chair: Vidar Ullenrød

Vice Chair: Per-Eivind Johansen

Inger Lise Gulliksen

Anne Holm Moen

Øyvind Hagen

Representative council:

Mayor of Færder: Jon Sannes Andersen,

Mayor of Tønsberg: Anne Rygh Pedersen

Richard Fossum

Steinar Solum

Tom Mello

Lise Mandal


The building is owned by the Municipality of Færder, with the Færder National Park Center IKS and “Spiseriet Verdens Ende” as tenants in each part. Færder National Park Center IKS is an inter-municipal company owned by Færder and Tønsberg municipalities with two equal shares. The National Park Center received its authorization from the Environment Directorate on June 21, 2016.