“Come closer go Færder” and the other slogans used on our home page are part of a marketing concept that aims to develop the national park as an international brand. “Go Færder” is a pun on “go further”. One of the special things about Færder National Park is that it is highly accessible and thus relatively easy for visitors to experience. It offers a variety of activities that provide both physical and mental challenges. This enables visitors to expand their horizons and to master new skills. Or, as the slogan says, to “go further”.

The sea’s story will allow you to come closer – and to go farther.

Where the sea meets the land and where Norway’s history begins, lies a fascinating island realm. The riches and power of the sea are ever-present in the air, the smells, the light. You can feel the presence of the sea through all of your senses.

A multitude of experiences will enable you to get to know this unique coastal landscape and culture. Explorers of all kinds can become part of the sea’s story, as they expand their horizons into the present, the past and the future.

Use of communication concept

The concept has been developed to stimulate economic activity in the park and surrounding area. The aim is to get more people to visit Færder National Park – all year round – and to encourage them to make use of local services. The concept is designed to work in the international market as well.

Tourist businesses in and around Færder National Park are encouraged to use the slogan “Come closer – go Færder”. It can be used in marketing campaigns and other advertising material. The product being sold must be related to experiences in Færder National Park.

The advantage of using a joint marketing slogan is that customers recognise it, which strengthens Færder National Park as a brand and raises its profile in a highly competitive market. This in turn benefits the local tourist industry.

Conditions for use:

The slogan must only be used to market goods and services that relate to Færder National Park and its immediate surroundings.

  • The phrase “Come closer. Go Færder.” and any other sentences based on the “Go Færder!” concept must be written in Lato (Free at Google fonts).
  • The company should also include its own logo.
  • Tonen og inntrykket må være i samsvar med det uttrykket som fremkommer av nettsiden.
  • This font must be used: Click here to download

Concept developed by Creuna AS for Færder National Park.